Miss Oh Waily’s Artwork

Miss Oh Waily has been a bit “off” her art lately.
She hasn’t been particularly interested in using her crayons, although she has asked to do her painting every now and then.  But on the whole, she’s not been interested.

Then a couple of days ago she sat down at her table with crayon pot and paper and began to draw things.  This is fairly normal, the “things” are often extremely kid-abstracts of animals.  She will often say to me “Mummy, I’m drawing a whale.” or “Mummy I’ve drawn Lumpy.”  That sort of thing.

Like all doting parents around the globe, I smile, nod, look at the variety of squiggles that the little one points out as legs, eyes, ears, trunks and tell her she is doing a wonderful job.   Sometimes things even vaguely appear to be in the *right* area for an eye or an ear.  Certainly she manages legs & feet very well, even though most animals would have appeared to mixed breeds – elephants & centipedes, dogs & centipedes, cats & centipedes – you get the idea.

Then this appeared.
Traffic Lights

This is not a Rorschach test, I promise.
Miss Oh was doing multiple drawings on a single page, a vast improvement over her previous two swirls and I’m done, new page please!
I was sitting some feet away when in amongst the continual stream of commentary on her artistic intentions she said, “Mummy, I’m drawing traffic lights.”
Naturally I thought, “that’s nice dear”, but then I thought, “it’s not an animal, I wonder what she’s drawn the traffic lights like ?”
So I jumped up and wandered over.  What you see above is what she had drawn.
Miss Oh seems to have produced her first truly, (if only because I am telling you the story of it’s creation), recognisable piece of art.

A traffic light was the intention.  And a traffic light can be seen by anyone other than the artist herself.

How cool is that ?!?!

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