The Oh Waily Family is Home

I know I probably forgot to mention that we were heading off for a holiday.  Or maybe I did and all things pre-holiday have been wiped from my memory by nearly two weeks of warmth and sunshine.

Well, we are now back from sunny holidays and are staring down the overcast and gloomy skies of winter.    When we have re-established some semblance of our routine lives, I will try to post some sunny-frolic pictures of the Oh Waily children in water.

But before that, I’d like to pose a question…

Why do I always feel the need to overhaul my life when I get back from holiday?

Is this some kind of self-generated “New Year’s Resolution” thing?  The old routine rut is broken out of and the glimmer of sunlight bouncing off the tarnished edges of your life suddenly make you aware of just how deep that groove had become?  Maybe so.

Whatever the reason, I have come back from holiday with a few resolutions lifestyle changes in mind.
Not surprisingly, having been at a tropical destination, one of them is fitness related.  And no, I was not the largest beached sea mammal at our destination by quite some order of magnitude.  But being somewhere warm always makes me turn inwards and reassess what little I am doing for my long-term health and well-being.
Another is to spend a bit more time and money on myself, even splashing out for an expensive treat on occasion.   The spur for this one came from our night at the Hilton¹ and their complimentary toiletries.
And finally, adjusting my expectations for what being a Mum means to me, once again.  This one seems to be an ongoing learning process with new insights into my character and my expectations of how things should be.  Sounds deep.  Probably isn’t.

And in the spirit of change, I suppose now is as good a time as any to let you know that the Oh Waily’s are almost definitely going to be relocating in the near future.  I don’t want to say completely and totally, because we thought we were going to be relocating earlier and to a different destination than the one now being touted.
But for those who may be vaguely interested in such things, it looks like our whanau will be heading south to the windy hills of Wellington.

This should provide me with more blogging material and an excuse to shake up the routine rut.

Oh, and before I leave you today, I will divulge the details of the Hilton toiletry that has sparked a renewed interest in small dollops of luxury scattered into an otherwise frugal life.  (That sounds like my life is rather sad… not really true I may say.)
Molton Brown’s “Invigorating suma ginseng bath & shower gel”
I cannot stress how divine this is.  It is unisex, leaning to masculine, but it is divine, divine, divine, divine.  So divine that I am seriously considering paying nearly as much in shipping from the UK as the product costs itself.  Ridiculous behaviour darlings, ridiculous.  But we are the outpost of the empire and they have not yet colonised beyond Australia.  If anyone knows this to be false, please, please tell me where I can find MB in New Zealand.   Smitten just doesn’t do it justice, really.  And it is only the beginning of the changes I plan to make.  You will just need to stay tuned to find out what else this innocent holiday has stirred up in Ms Oh Waily, it may even turn out to be fun reading.

Right, that’s enough for Return from the Holidays, part 1. Enjoy your weekend all.

¹ More on how the Oh Waily family came to stay at the Hilton in the next episode of Return from the Holidays

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