Pre-Reading Games

Miss Oh Waily has been showing a renewed interest in letters lately and I thought I’d better get my act together so that I can foster that.

I cast my net out to see what I could be doing and came across a nice introduction at My Montessori Journey.  Turns out that we have already been doing some of this sort of pre-reading work.  Nana & Poppa Oh Waily kindly brought back a couple of matching games from one of their trips to the UK.

Pre-Reading Games

As you can see from the picture, the “Whose Tail?” has been given a hard life.  It is very much loved.  As for how we’ve been using the two sets, we haven’t been following the convention of marking one half of the pairs so that Miss Oh knows she has made the right matches.  We have just been laying them all out and matching them up.  In my defence I think it is nearly impossible to mis-match the cards as they are jigsaw-styled pairs.

Whether this all-out style of matching is a positive or negative thing, I’m not sure.  From an early age she has been able to match the right animal bottom with the right animal face, so it doesn’t appear to have been a hindrance.   Perhaps it might have made a difference if she had been introduced to them closer to her current age where laying out two baskets – one for each side – may have been an easier concept for her to grasp.  Although.  Despite being nearly three some of the “orderly” concepts are still a bit beyond us yet.  All in good time.

Having read the first of My Montessori Journey‘s Language posts, I am now keen to find some extra matching games like these.  Specifically I have been looking for an opposites version, but have had no success at the local stores.  I’m getting the feeling that I will have to go onto the interweb to get something similar to these.  The closest I have seen are flashcards, but that’s not really what I want.  I prefer the jigsaw style as that works for the little Miss.

If any of you good folk have seen an opposites, rhyming or part/whole sets of jigsaw cards anywhere, I’d appreciate it if you’d stop and leave a comment.

If push comes to shove then I will try to make the part/whole and opposites cards myself, but I think I would rather take the easy road and purchase… in a week or so it will become clear why this is the case.

Anyway, along with this pre-reading work, we still have the old favourites of her alphabet puzzle and the fridge magnet game that we used to teach her the names of each letter in the alphabet.  Now, having discovered that phonics is the preferred method of instruction in the Montessori world, I have begun to introduce the sounds of the letters as well.  More on this later too.

But first, back to the letters…

About two weeks ago Miss Oh did a remarkable thing that I didn’t capture on camera.  She combined her new letter sounds skill with her playdough.  She made the letter M.  All by herself.  Then she called me over to see what she had created and said “I made an M. Muh.”  And she had.  A very good, creditable performance with playdough.  Fortunately for me, she repeated the performance a few days ago and this time I was quick enough to get it on camera.

So here is Miss Oh’s second foray into letter creation, completely unguided by me and by her own two sweet little hands and her very clever little brain.

A - Ah
A - /ă/

I don’t mind telling you, when I saw this I was mightily impressed.  And as proud as Punch of my little girl.  Literacy is now on its way.  Oh the books to share and the joy of reading to indulge.  [Insert evil, but joyous laughter here… mwah-hah-hah…]

More about our other language work to come.  In the meantime…

Oh Waily Waily is brought to you today by the letter A – /ă/.

Have a great day everyone.

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