The Welly Wailys

The big news around the Oh Waily household over the last few weeks has been the impending opening of the third branch of the family business.

At the end of August a Wellington branch will join those in Auckland and Tauranga.

And as Mr Oh Waily has the skills specific to one of major clients in that fair city, it is the Oh Waily family’s job to relocate and run the new branch.  We are about to become the Welly Wailys.

This should mean new blogging opportunities for Oh Waily Waily, and many new experiences to share.  It’s a big change for us as we are about to try our hand at inner city living.  From a house to an apartment in one easy move.

Thanks to all you ex-Wellingtonians and family members for offering advice on the wheres and whats of living in the Absolutely Positively Windy City.  I shall be referring to that on an ongoing basis.   I’m looking forward to the change, it should be interesting to finally live in another Kiwi city other than Auckland.  [No JAFA comments required please.]   I already love the library and Te Papa (of course).  I like the idea of being close to the National Archives and am also looking forward to making more effort to get to know the lower part of the North Island.

Feel free to leave suggestions here for must visit places if you haven’t already let me know privately.  The more the merrier.

So, if I disappear again for a few weeks you’ll all understand that it is the packing, moving and settling in that is keeping me from you.

In the meantime, for those in midwinter – keep well – and for those in midsummer – enjoy the warmth.    Ka kite ano.

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