Moving On

Well that’s that then.

The tenants for our house signed up the lease agreement with the management company this morning.  A family of five will be living in and hopefully looking after our house for the next little while.

It’s funny though.  I thought that I’d feel weird about having someone else living in our house, but so far I don’t really.  Maybe it will hit me after we have the furniture packed up in the moving van next week?

Either way, I know that so far what this impending experience is telling me about myself, is that my life has become so regular over the past twenty years* that change is quite a foreign concept now.
Once upon a time I travelled around the world and back, and then did it again for good measure.  I lived in different places and I was always looking for new things to see and do.
I still have friends who are world travellers and regularly go to see new and exotic destinations.  Part of me accepts that once we had kids, stability becomes more important than frequent adventures, but I have to wonder if perhaps becoming overly stable is good for a person.

I’m looking forward to the opportunity this change is giving me.  A new city, new experiences and new people to meet.  Hopefully it will also give me a new attitude to change and adventures, making the old and outdated stable Ms Oh Waily return to her curious and wandering travelling roots.

And it might just make for a more diverse blog too.  😉

* yes, it really has been that long since returning to NZ permanently. Sixteen of which have been in this house !!

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