Settling In

We are almost settled in here in the capital.
It’s been pretty straightforward.  Not that straightforward mean lacking in stress, of course.  Especially when the youngest member of the household decides that he absolutely must cut teeth before his first birthday.  Teething would not have been stressful either, except that Master Oh Waily was doing his best impression of ambition incarnate.   I managed to feel four teeth making best effort to poke down through the gums, and as it turned out there was a fifth lurking cunningly next to existing teeth that I didn’t notice until it was out.
After three or four days of crying, screaming, grumpy, sleepless babydom interspersed with unpacking, I was ready to flip my top.  Fortunately just before his birthday tooth number 4 and 5 both arrived and the remaining three wanna-be teeth stopped disturbing the boy.  We have now resumed normal transmission, with a happy, cheeky little man.  Thank goodness.

As for the new place, we are adapting, mostly, to living in a smaller space and without an outdoor that doesn’t involve a drop to the pavement.  Storage is an issue but then, after all my unpacking of boxes, it seems so is junk hoarding.   I’m seeing that living in an apartment is going to improve my organisational skills and probably strip my wallet for sensible storage solutions to keep things low maintenance.

As for where we live – we chose to live in the city, since it seems a bit silly to move to a new place and not experience it and it’s renowned eateries* and other cultural activities.  Here’s a few photographs to show you our outlook.  The first is the direct view out of our window.

The Balcony View to Chaffers
The Balcony View to Chaffers

This is the view towards Oriental Bay.

The Balcony View to Oriental Parade
The Balcony View to Oriental Bay

This is the view in the opposite direction and as you can see, it’s no strain to visit our National Museum.

The Balcony View of Te Papa
The Balcony View of Te Papa

Yes, this is just how close we are. A nice walk to the entrance and the kiddie friendly Discovery rooms.

Te Papa entrance
Te Papa entrance

All in all, we did pretty well on the location.  Now I have all the other administrative things to do when you move home.  So far the really important ones are already done.  I joined the library on my second night here. 😉
I have applied for and received my Moore Wilson card and we are now registered with a local GP.   On Monday I am going to visit a Montessori preschool to see if it will be a good option for Miss Oh Waily.  And on Tuesday I am aiming to make the local Cafe coffee group at the library.

I have also found a renewed enthusiasm for tackling my Booklitzer 200 challenge and am currently reading Wolf Hall and Hotel du Lac, so you can anticipate some reviews in the near future.  It will certainly make a difference from all the Montessori postings of late, for which I’m sure some of you will be grateful.  🙂

* There goes the wallet again !

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