The Black Unicorn – Terry Brooks

This was one of my buffer books.  I always approach a Prizewinning Booklitzer book with a bit of trepidation, as I have had some difficulties with them as mentioned before.

I have read a number of the Landover series books before so I knew that I would be able to read this without any difficulty and that the story would be sufficiently pleasing as a break between my Booklitzer 200 haul from the library.

When I finished Hotel du Lac a few days ago I began on this.  The setting is the magical Kingdom of Landover.  It is the second in Terry Brooks’ Landover series, of which there are six.   The main character is a lawyer-become-King, Ben Holiday.  It follows his adventures and misadventures a year after he has become King of Landover.  The usual cast of supporting characters appear here: Willow the sylph, Questor Thews the wizard, Abernathy the scribe, Parsnip and Bunion the kobolds.  Alongside the good guys are the baddies: Meeks the very powerful wizard, Nightshade the witch and Strabo the dragon.

The basic premise of the story is Ben’s fight with Meeks for control of the kingdom and for control of the mythical and powerful Black Unicorn.  A traditional good vs evil type of fantasy story.  There is a bit of character fleshing-out and development as well.

I really don’t have anything deep and meaningful to say about this book other than it is a nice antidote to any heavy reading you might be doing, although it turned out that Hotel du Lac was not heavy or difficult.
If you like fantasy stories then this series is another nice journeyman’s work and this particular entry in the series is perfectly fine.  It probably won’t rock your world and may not be one of the most memorable, but it was a nice way to pass a few hours reading.
I have the remaining books in the series as buffers for my other Booklitzer efforts including the next one which will be Kingsley Amis’ “The Old Devils“, so there will probably be more reviews on the way.

Happy reading everyone.

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