Kiddie Bento envy

I confess to being a rank amateur in the making of attractive snacks for my kids.
Frankly I’m just not that creative in the culinary arts.

But here are a couple of blogs that make me want to get a gastronomic grip – and maybe figure out where I can get a few hours of spare time too.

Pigs Do Fly – here’s the bento category
Crouching Mother, Hidden Toddler – here are all the things labeled bento
and for those who want to know what sort of storage requirements you might need take a look at this.  Sadly, even with a downsized kitchen, this hasn’t put me off the idea of dabbling in making better bento.

I might just wander down to the local source of cookie cutters and give it a whirl.  Just don’t expect to see them here – I doubt that my creative urge will manage to get that far.

4 thoughts on “Kiddie Bento envy

    1. Seedless red grapes on special at Pak’n Save and Woolies in Kilbirnie today ($3.98 kg) and the ones at Paky are delicious. Thinking these are perfect for the bento boxes so am going back to grab a lot more!


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