Miss Oh’s starting daycare

Miss Oh is going to start back at daycare tomorrow.
Or, at least, she will be having a couple of dry-runs at it this week.

Having weighed up the options for daycare it eventually came down to the facility being flexible enough that I didn’t have to place her in all day, every day in order for her to attend.   This seems to be especially difficult amongst those Montessori based.  The need for consistency is the reason I have been offered as to why this is the case.  While I can appreciate the preschool’s point of view, personally I hold the view that these guys are my kids.  I didn’t have them in order to farm* them out to others for teaching and raising.

So I have tried to find a middle ground.  Miss Oh has been enrolled at a Montessori based preschool for two full day sessions a week.  This means she will get lots of other contact with little kids, which she has been desperately keen to have ever since we entered our limbo period last Christmas.  She already went a long way to making friends in the half hour or so visit I made to see whether it would be a good fit for us.

This should work really well for us.  At the moment, with Master Oh now almost completely walking, it has become almost impossible for us to work together when he is awake.  Once upon a time even the little kiddie table was out of his reach, now the edges of the dining table are no longer a refuge.  And just last week he decided he was tall enough to scramble (squealing with frustration occasionally) on to the sofa and bounce around like his big sister.   Can you see many bruises in his future?  Oh Yes !
To make matters worse, Master Oh continues to baffle regarding sleep during the day.  Some days we have regular one hour slots every couple of hours with a slightly longer sleep around lunchtime.  Other days he refuses to go to sleep and has mad, all out screaming fits in order to make sure I know he doesn’t want to be in bed.  Half a day passes and he finally falls asleep.
No rhyme or reason, but extremely difficult for keeping his older sister going with practical life or any other activity for that matter when I barely get time to do the regular household things crammed into his sleep time.

So, Miss Oh will get a break from her increasingly insistent little brother.  I will get a break from the avalanche of “why, why, why” questioning.   Master Oh will get some proper one-on-one time without a bigger sister always chipping in or trying to drag her Mum’s attention away.

And best of all, Master Oh does not lose access to his big sister’s example for the whole week.  We can still have family activities like going to the zoo (once I figure out the bus routes) during the week.

We are doing the dry-run in the last week of this term, so once this novelty has settled into a routine next term and Master Oh can toddle about more freely I will look at finding a sessional daycare that will take him for one or two hours a week.  Then maybe I can have a little bit of personal sanity time**.

So that’s what’s happening in the Oh Waily household at the moment.

* Please note:  If you have kids in daycare & are working, I am not having a go at your choice.  It is completely your own to make and I fully respect that.  It is a personal decision and I believe firmly that no one has a right to tell you what you should do.  But it is my personal view is that it is MY job to bring my kids up, and have the good fortune to be able to choose to do so where many others do not.   Okay?  Are we all good?  No finger wagging going on here, right? Good.

** If past experience is anything to go by, this time turns into grocery shopping.  Just can’t seem to justify downtime when the opportunity to do jobs without kids around pops up.

3 thoughts on “Miss Oh’s starting daycare

  1. Grocery shopping without kids in tow IS sanity time! Good luck with the daycare, my friend had her daughter in Montessori for morning sessions, not sure how many days but it was Hamilton so not really any help for you


  2. Good luck with the daycare, wellington has some shocking wait lists.
    And I agree with Laugan-shopping with out kids is sanity time!


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