Master Oh Waily updated

Poor Master Oh Waily, he’s barely received any blogging attention at all.   So here is one just for him.

The little Master is nearly fourteen months old and is as wonderful a little boy as you could hope for.  He is great to spend time with, being generally a laid back sort of character.  The only real blot on his copybook is nappy changing time especially when he is tired.  This would be a challenge for a saintly octopus never mind a patience-challenged Mum.  It can also turn into an ear-splitter too, which may leave me with a permanent case of tinnitus one day.
Currently he is going through the slapping and hitting phase, which I am trying to combat with the traditional “gentle hands” commentary and examples.  I’m not holding my breath on this one for a while though.
Thankfully his front teeth are through now so the biting has reduced down to almost nothing and I am hoping we won’t have a repeat performance once his molars start to erupt.

On the skills front, the little man has been showing a great deal of interest in putting things in and taking things out of containers.  Any sort of thing and any form of container will do.
So today I thought I would do a Montessori activity with him that would work with that interest.  Simple transfer of objects.  In this case it was a set of fuzzy craft balls that I bought for a similar activity with Miss Oh Waily, two plastic containers and our metal tablespoon measure.

Master Oh Waily isn’t yet feeding himself with utensils, so being hands-on is still a preferred method of moving things.
Fuzzy Balls

But to the wonderful little man’s great credit, he did sit for nearly ten minutes with spoon in hand trying to figure out how I did the moving of balls by spoon.  Admittedly it took nearly half that time for him to figure out the correct way of holding the spoon so the balls might, eventually, be coaxed into being picked up.
He managed to get one or two in the spoon by the end of his time, but it was just wonderful to see that depths of concentration.  We’ve been missing that around this house for the past couple of months.  I think, to my own credit, I might actually have managed to get this skill window right on time.  Now I’ve just got to keep it interesting enough.

Dip Dip

The other upside to doing spoon transfers with fuzzy balls – when I do finally let him loose on real food with a spoon, I hope to avoid the same display of creative food arts that his big sister managed to produce.

So, that’s what’s happening with Master Oh Waily at the moment.

4 thoughts on “Master Oh Waily updated

  1. What a cutie – and look at all that hair! With our two little fellas being so close in age, I really appreciate this post and love the idea of the spoon and transferring the fuzzy balls. Ronin too is in full posting mode, most hillariously, taking his grandmother’s Mills & Boon collection and “posting”them in the rubbish bin!

    We are also having a few issues with change time so are currently working through a few methods of distraction. At the moment (and the most successful), we are using stickers. I take a couple and pop them on the back of his hands and on his palms and he spends the time taken to change his butt trying to unstick them and stick them to other places. I’m sure you’ve tried a number of things as well so this may or may not be one you have tried. Good luck with it all!


  2. Hey Tori,
    Thanks for stopping by.
    Yes, unlike his sister, Master Oh Waily has done quite well on the hair front early in life.
    I’ve been meaning to ask how old C & R are. Funny how the little ones like the rubbish bin !! Maybe it’s because they see it in use so regularly.

    There are quite a few similar Practical Life “games”, “activities”, “work” that little ones can do. I came to Montessori late with Miss OWW and I’m sure she could’ve done quite a bit a lot earlier, so I’m going to try to remember to let the little man have at things much sooner this time around.

    Master OWW used to be easy to distract, but that has become harder and harder. 😦
    I love the sticker idea. The closest we’ve come, and it worked, was giving him strips of sellotape to play with. We’ve had him in disposables for a while and I think they are annoying/irritating his skin, so we are going back to our reusables even though they are pretty hammered from nearly 3 years in use by Miss OWW. Would rather deal with wet-through-boy than sore-bottom-boy. 😉


  3. R’s birthday is the 5th Sept, so not much difference between our two youngest at all 🙂 C, on the other hand, is a whopping 10, 11 in Dec 😦 The gap wasn’t intentional, just the way it worked out. However they are so similar they could be clones!

    I really love all your ideas re: montessori and will be looking into them as well.

    Poor Master OWW. I use resuable naps as well and I adore them, so different from when C was a bub and I used the old flat naps. He was really rashy/prone to thrush so I can totally relate.


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