Arts and Crafts Toddler Style

I have been more proactive in the arts department with the Oh Waily children recently.  Both like to play with the craft foam in their bath/shower, but it does prove to be a bit of a handful if left to the toddler to cut the foam.  As in, the smaller the pieces the better.  It’s always useful to have a strainer handy for just such occasions.

Anyway, along with the foam at bath time I also purchased a big window chalk for the little Miss to have fun on our windows and balcony panels.  And fun she did have.  The hand prints were her Dad’s idea.
Hands and Abstracts

Then there’s the intentional toddler art.  Go one, have a guess.  What do you think the following photograph is?  Bet you don’t get it.
Car by Miss OWW

Had a guess?
Well, it is a car.  And I don’t mean the red one on the road down below.
You can see it’s little pink wheels, it’s door with a dot for a handle, and the windscreen – that’d be the long line going out from the front.

Don’t ask me, she’s a toddler.  And you would be completely forgiven for thinking it was a rather good drawing of a pull-along hamster on wheels.  But you can’t say that to a serious little artist, they take offence and think you are slightly stupid.

I am loving the fact that the clean up involves wiping the surface with a kitchen towel and that’s about it.  They come in different colours but I only purchased the pink one until we saw if the Miss would be interested and the art would be controllable.  So far, it is a fair success and that means I will get one or two more colours to give her a bit of variety.

For those who may be interested – the pen we have is a CKS Window Chalk Marker from these guys.  I bought mine on special at Gordon Harris here in town, but they are bound to be just about anywhere.  Ours is fluorescent pink, if you couldn’t tell.  I’ll probably go for the blue next and then the fluorescent green.  Should make for some interesting drawings.
And if you haven’t seen them before, they produce a liquid chalk that dries out on the surface, eventually.  I think it’s kind of like a D.I.Y. version of the painted chalk that signwriters use on shop windows for “Specials this” and “Specials that”.

Happy drawing everyone.

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