A Blogging Birthday

Oh Waily Waily is a five year old.

Happy belated birthday, dearest Blog!

Yes, my blog is actually older than my children.  I have had a relationship with the internet that will, if I keep it up, be longer than that which I will have with my little loved ones.  Oh my goodness.

It all started over at Blogger with this post.  A little bit later I migrated myself over to WordPress and have been happy here ever since.  The old Blogger site still exists, but I rarely update it these days.

I happily blame you Bruce for both the blogging and the choice of WordPress.   And much happiness it has brought me my dear friend.  🙂

2 thoughts on “A Blogging Birthday

  1. Congratulations OWW; I guess that makes this ‘child’ at least middle-aged in blog years? Some folk think personifying a pet is a bit much… not sure what they’d make of personifying a PHP-based CMS with a MySQL back-end? 😉

    Glad it’s brought you happiness ‘tho. Mine is sadly neglected and effectively in a state of suspended animation—no time to play.


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