Beans and Rice: A Miss OWW Activity

Miss Oh Waily has been partaking in some Practical Life activities this week.

I found a nice little scoop to further her motor control and also to allow her that wonderful sensory experience of running her hands through her bean mix and rice.

I’ll let the photographs do the talking.

The Scoop
The Pour
Cleaning 1
The Clean Sweep
Cleaning 2
The Clean Pour

So, do you get the impression that she really likes playing with the rice?  I mean really playing with it.  It is definitely a sensory fun time for her, but I’m darned if I can find a tub that is deep enough to keep most of the mayhem under control yet shallow enough for her to get her hands in without turning herself inside out.
As you may have guessed, she really likes handling the rice.  The scoop got a look in for the time it took to get as much rice on to the tray as it could cope with and then who needs a little bit of plastic if you have two hands and ten fingers just itching to do some serious play.

Despite looking like it had the potential to be an horrendous clean up, it actually went really well and in the end I didn’t even need to get the vacuum cleaner out at all.  Surprisingly the little brush and pan worked well even on the carpet.  Admittedly I had to do the carpet bit and most of the sweeping, but we did work in tandem for the entire time it took to tidy up so I have no complaints.

I might wait a week or two before we do this again though, and I will be keeping an eye out for just the right plastic tub too.

2 thoughts on “Beans and Rice: A Miss OWW Activity

  1. What a great idea! Where did you find the little brush and pan? I think my wee man would benefit from play like this, so I might have to go on a hunt for one.


  2. Hi Bronwyn,
    The little brush and pan came from my favourite Japanese “lifestyle” store in Mt.Eden. But I’m sure I have seen other little kid sized ones either at Storage Box or Moore Wilson (possibly at both) in town.

    I will try to put up more sensory tub ideas in the next little while – and maybe some links to other really great posts about this sort of play.


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