Early Riser

Well, what do you do when your smallest child doesn’t want to sleep and it’s 5 o’clock in the morning?

Oh, that’s right.  You get up.

Joy !

Personally I think someone, somewhere has been listening in on my conscience.  Or rather the random, “I should consider doing this…” thoughts that wander through my mind from time to time.  The latest of these being, “I should consider going to bed a bit earlier and getting up a bit earlier so that I can get a good start to the day”.

All I can say to that someone, somewhere is “Stop eavesdropping !!”  It was all meant to be a quiet discussion between my lazy self and my home improvement committee.  Besides which, what’s the point of doing it to me when I can’t actually use the time for anything other than watching a small child grizzle for ten minutes because his mean, heartless mother won’t let him play with her computer.

And just what is there to do at 5 am in the morning?  Well, hug the said grizzly baby.  That’s an upside, as there is no competition with a toddler insisting that she needs me to do something for her at the same time.
I could think about a blog entry or two and decide that perhaps writing about the moment is going to be today’s better option.
I could turn on the television and watch BBC World, infomercials or whichever Evangelist happens to be scheduled.
I could follow the lead of the now fed, changed and settled baby and read a book.

Hmm.  That sounds like an idea.  Just a bit of a worry that I’m modeling my behaviour on that of a one year old rather than him modeling his on mine.
Have I mentioned that he loves books.  Which is a little surprising since he hasn’t really been actively read to in the way that his older sister was.  I guess osmosis and a mother with a library addiction might go a long way to rebalance things.

Right, where’s my book.

3 thoughts on “Early Riser

  1. 5 am mornings were killing me last week. R has started walking and it coincided with some new teeth. On top of this, he was wetting through as well (changed naps and all well on that front now.)

    I love that you love our library and was going to suggest maybe a library date with our youngling\s in tow and maybe a coffee at Clarkes after?


  2. Ouch! Hate that when so many things are going on at once with them. It plays havoc with everything.

    A library visit would be great. Prising the oldest little one away from the books may prove to be a struggle. 😛 But a fluffy as bribery might, almost, maybe, possibly do it.


  3. How does Wed grab you? I just have this Chris Bhojalian to finish (begrudgingly, second one of my current lot and the first was very underwhelming.) and then I will be needing some more to read.


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