Creativity Rescue

NaBloPoMo is answerable for a lot of things in my life this month.

It is forcing me to be more structured in my approach to blogging, and up until yesterday I had that all under control.  Then the wheels on that bus started to get a bit shaky.

It is also exposing my rather limited lifestyle.   I have managed to restrict myself to life with two small children and now I find that I have only a limited supply of topics to blog about.  That’s not a happy realization, especially as Mr Oh Waily has been overseas three times in the last three months.  In my pre-kiddie days these trips would have provided great blogging material as I would have accompanied him on at least one or two of them.

What I am trying rather badly to say is: my life is in need of a creativity injection.

The inspiration well requires re-filling and a width of lifestyle needs to be rediscovered.   To that end I have decided to pull out my trusty old faithful “The Artist’s Way” and make the changes necessary.
Once upon a time I was a regular writer of Morning Pages, and the occasional indulger of The Artist’s Date.  I am hoping that by bringing the two basic tools of The Artist’s Way back that my mojo may be returned.

For those unfamiliar with the book you can visit Julia Cameron’s website here.
If you are familiar with the book, then perhaps you might want to join me in my quest to regain my creativity.  From tomorrow I will be re-instating the Morning Pages, and when I have a moment I will also be creating a list of Artist Dates to take myself on.

Anyone else in need of an inspiration and creativity boost?   Want to join me in a Creative Cluster?  If you do, drop me a line and we can do the full 12 week Artist’s Way programme together.

Otherwise it will be a case of watch this space and see how I get on.

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