Master Oh Waily at 14 months

Today we went for our 15 month Plunket visit.  A bit early, but they’re full until the end of the year so we took what we could get.

Master Oh will be 15 months on 1 December but he will be spending that birth day getting stabbed in the leg and/or legs by our local practice nurse.  No doubt he will thank me for that – not !

Anyway, the stats for those who may be interested…

Weight:  11.34 kg
Length: 79 cm

So that means in just a smidgen under six months the little lad has put on a skerrick over 2kg and grown 6.5cm.  A good half year’s work I’d say.

And just so you can see what this means, here’s a gratuitous picture of him.

Me & My Pom Poms
Me & My Pom Poms

One thought on “Master Oh Waily at 14 months

  1. What a cutie pie! We had our plunket appt last week as well over here in Kilbirnie. I have nothing but lovely things to say about our plunket nurses. Great growing Master W : )


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