The Mask

You may have noticed The Mask on Artscapades a couple of days ago.

This was your traditional balloon and papier-mâché activity.  We used plain paper left over from our recent move to Wellington, of which we have a small mountain.
More suggestions for its use would be welcomed.

Anyway, you do the usual things – blow up a balloon, make your personal choice of gluing medium, and get sticking.
Our mask was made using a bit of PVA and traditional flour and water gloop.  The papier-mâché bit was done over a few days as it took a while for the first layer to dry.  Miss Oh was rather funny about the process.  She wanted to do it, but found that she didn’t really enjoy the gloopy hands and fingers that is so much the fun part of this craft.  In the end it turned into a joint effort.

Once it was left to dry Miss Oh was given the task of poking the balloon to make it pop which it didn’t really do.  It was so stuck to the inside of the paper that it made a rather interesting hissing and peeling noise instead.  Oh well, at least it left the gap for cutting.  And this is what it looked like cut in half.

Blank canvas

After that Mr Oh helped again by cutting out the eyes so Little Miss could see where she was going.
Then after that the blank canvas was presented to Miss Oh for decoration.

Blank canvas with eyes

This is is her in action.

Glug that Yellow On

Artist at Work

And this is the final result.
The Mask

It has since had two holes added at about ear height and a strap attached.  It has successfully been used to “scare” Mummy.
All-in-all, a good bit of fun was had.

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