Endorphins are your friend

<gloat alert on>

This morning I went to the gym.
For some of you that’s not much to gloat about, but for me the great unfit of the world, it’s a pretty important thing.  After Monday’s weight workout I had to wait and wait and wait until the DOMS* wore off.  I kid you not, it took until Friday before I could walk without looking like someone was sticking needles into a small wax doll somewhere.  I must have the worst recovery rate in the known universe.

Anyway, so I could finally move more freely on Friday, but was only able to sneak off to the gym sans children this morning.  Great decision.
I was tossing up the option – do another DOMS inducing weight workout or do some cardio.  No contest – cardio won.

So when I got to the gym I weighed myself before starting since we don’t have scales at home and I’m really keen to drop the extra twelve ** kilos that came from post-baby #1 snacking.  (Hate that stay-at-home-mother’s temptation!)  And knowing the starting point came in handy at the end as it happens.

I got on the treadmill with the goal of completing 5 kilometres in whatever combination of walking and/or running would get me there.  You see I have set yet another goal for myself – eventually be able to comfortably run 5ks three times a week.  It is well over three years since I could do that, but I figure it’s a realistic target to aim for.

Anyway, after a 5 minute walking warm-up I started the running bit.  And I ran, and I ran and I ran.  The longest run I’ve managed in recent memory is around 2ks.  Not a lot to holler about there, but better than a kick in the pants.
I don’t run fast at the best of times, and starting out again means that I am running at a speed that most fit people can walk at.  I keep reminding myself that everyone has to start somewhere, but it’s not always good to look at your neighbour’s treadmill stats.  Especially when they are walking and going as fast as you are while you’re running.

So the first ten minutes of the run pass by with the usual bit of starting out discomfort (pain) and I play mental games with myself saying things like: “you know you get a second wind if you just keep running through and then the pain goes away”,  “just think what a wuss Cris*** would think you are if you stopped now”, and so on.

Eventually I have managed to make and break several promises to myself…”you can stop for a walking break when you’ve run for 20 minutes”, “you can stop after you’ve managed the next 5 minutes – it’s only five minutes and the time it’s taken you to think about this has already taken up nearly one minute of that”, and so on.

Finally the body decides that maybe it’s had enough of false promises and gives up the ghost after 32 minutes of running.  In all fairness, it’s really the mind that gave up first, but then it always seems to be.  Anyway, in that 30 minutes plus of running I have managed to polish off 4 kilometres.  And between the warm up and warm down (part of the latter was jogged through) I added another whole kilometre to make the full time result – 5.22km and 42:17 minutes.****

Whoop!!  4k and 30 minutes solid running !!
I was more than a little chuffed with myself.

<gloat alert off>

But before you think I might be getting a bit full of my own praise – and I was certainly thinking about bragging on my way back from the gym – you can be assured that the universe is keeping my feet on the ground.
While walking back home, chuffed to bits with myself and thinking about showing off my feat of endurance‡ to the greater public (you guys), I was distracted by looking at an old derelict building and there was a nice muddy puddle for me to step right into.  Oh yes !  The universe is a great leveller.

Finally, the weight thing – at the start I weighed xx.50 kg‡‡ and at the end of the run I weighed xx.25 kg.  So I managed to lose a quarter of a kilo of presumably water as sweat in 42 minutes !!

Now I’m off to replenish it.  What are you doing for your endorphin kick today?

* takes 8 – 12 hours for onset – HAH!  Try an hour or two if you’re terminally unfit like me.
** there, I’ve said it.  No more ambiguity of “some extra weight” – it’s bald and it’s cruel.
*** my fantastic pre-baby personal trainer who was evil, but good for me.
**** yes, sorry.  I am weirdly ocd about keeping the scores accurate.
‡ well from my point of view it’s endurance, okay?
‡‡ like I was ever going to tell you the exact number !!

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