Heston Blumenthal’s Feast

I have just been watching Heston Blumenthal on television.

Is the man nuts?  Oh yes.
Is he a bit of a genius?  Oh yes.

Who else in their right mind thinks Willie Wonka is an inspiration for a dinner?
Tonight’s episode of Heston’s Feast was Heston’s Chocolate Factory Feast where he uses a 1960s Willie Wonka as his inspiration for creating a feast for his guests.

My personal favourite was the magic mushrooms with their magic removed but replaced with the heavier than air gas that transformed the diners’ voices.  That was classic.   Oh what I would give to be a guest at one of his feasts.  Just for being around that level of creativity.

If you haven’t watched it, I would suggest spending a bit of time and doing TVNZ On Demand.  This series has just been added to my must watch list !

4 thoughts on “Heston Blumenthal’s Feast

  1. I spotted this last night and hit record since it was bed time, very much looking forward to watching it though, the wallpaper seemed very interesting!


  2. I watched it too! It was great, I have a crush (DP too!) I’ve seen a few of them and a few of his In Search of Perfection ones as well (the steak that took over 24 hrs to cook, burger, chinese meal). But last nights really was the best I have seen.


  3. @laugan – the wallpaper was absolutely mad, but then so was the homage to Terry’s chocolate oranges.

    @Tori – did you watch the series about his attempt to revamp Little Chef ? Poor sod was pushing it uphill there !!


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