Family Trip Sunday

Hi ho, hi ho it’s off to Staglands we go.

Well, we went.  This morning in fact.  For a couple of hours.
And what a glorious day to do it on too.
Ducks are fed, piglets have been ooohed and aahhed over, the donkey, deer and goats have been fed.  Even the Clydesdale seemed to be chuffed to have some attention.

The small children survived the outing in tact, although one very cheeky and persistent goat did try it’s very best to snaffle it’s way into the stroller at one point.  Apparently having to queue up with the deer and other goat to be fed just wasn’t high on it’s list of priorities so it took matters into its own hooves.   Senior goat wasn’t impressed though, it came over and threatened to have a headbutting time.  Frankly I think smaller horned goat thought better of its strategy and moved on, having ignored my previous firm but friendly efforts to redirect him.

So here are some snaps from the day.  Did I mention that the peacocks were everywhere?  Well, they were.  And they were showing off all the time.  The noise and the displays, oh my.  But what amazing colours they are.

Colourful.  Who's colourful?
Colourful. Who's colourful?

Yes, I could have put photograph after photograph of these birds here.  Those colours were amazing.

Showing Off
Showing Off

Spring?  Is it Spring?  I didn’t notice.

Goat Cuddles
Goat Cuddles

Awww.  Aren’t they cute?  So snuggly.  Yes, it is Spring.  Be grateful I didn’t take photos of the rather cute gaggle of piglets and the chicks and the ducklings.

Meet Bob
Meet Bob

Miss Oh Waily getting to meet Bob the Clydesdale.  Bob wasn’t all that impressed with Mr Oh Waily shortly after this photograph was taken.  Bob shared space with a donkey of unknown name.  Mr Oh decided to talk to the donkey and share some of the food with him.  Bob stomped out, ears back and glared at Mr Oh and gave the donkey the Evils and the Nudge.  Apparently we were not to fraternise (or feed) the company.  It was so obvious that the first thing out of Mr Oh’s mouth when Bob came out was “Don’t you look at me like that!”
Who said animals can’t communicate with us?

Meeting Senior Goat
Meeting Senior Goat

This is Master Oh Waily meeting Senior Goat after Short Horned Goat was vanquished to another corner of the enclosure.  Judging by the great big grins Master Oh was quite taken with his horned acquaintance.  Oh and the goat was taken with the paper bag full of food.

And there ended the day at the park.  Well, not quite.  We stopped at the cafe on the way out.  Very big thumbs up for the Iced Chocolate.  Super Yummy.

I can happily recommend Staglands for a couple of hours of family time, even though the road to get there is somewhat interesting.  It was especially good for us as we purchased the tickets quite a while ago through the GrabOne deals – so it was half price.   Very good value.

3 thoughts on “Family Trip Sunday

  1. hi there! Stumbled upon your blog post this morning. What a wonderful time you had! Great to see you enjoyed our Staglands vouchers!. Would love to share this with other GrabOne fans and followers id you don’t mind me doing so. I’d love to send you a GrabOne / Mr Vintage T-shirt to say thanks for sharing! Contact me at my email and I’ll send one out to you 🙂


  2. Hi there,
    I love the way you write- as I am new to blogging myself I have been spending a bit of time cruising around other peoples blogs to see their style! I found you through Grabone. I have just set up a new website and i have been blogging on it-would you mind taking a look and telling me what you think? If you sign up as a member (free) you get up to dates education news (I see you have children so I know this is important to you) and I have great links to sites i know the kids will love. I will soon be putting up PDF’s that can be printed out for you to use with the kids as well-so good for both teachers and parents. Thanks heaps-keep up the unique style you have- and I look forward to hearing from you soon!


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