The Oh Waily Kids…

…have been doing funny things of late.

So here’s a bit of gratuitous kiddie photo blogging.  With a purpose, of course.

First we’ll start with what happens to a fourteen month old boy when left to play with whiteboard markers and a whiteboard.

Hey give me that
Hey give me that

Then we move on to some practical life for young Master Oh Waily.  It’s a bit early, but I’m doing my best to pay attention to his interests and right now he is showing an interest in putting things in and out of containers.  Along with the in and out, he is also interested in lids.  So here is the first activity created specifically for Master Oh Waily along the Montessori lines using a tray, at a table.*

The Boxes
The Boxes

Then Miss Oh Waily has had some fun recently with her fledgling interest in writing.  A while ago I purchased this lovely little numbers workbook from my new best bookstore The Children’s Bookshop.  I chose it because Miss Oh is still currently fascinated by numbers and interested in the process of writing.

Here’s her first attempt at writing the number 3 in it.

Number writing
Number writing

It probably isn’t quite clear from my dodgy photograph, but it is a workbook that has laminated sheets so they can be wiped clean and reused time and time again.

Then this past week I finally pulled together some things I’ve had sitting waiting for a while.  Two very simple things – a tray and a bag of salt.



The end result of the tray and salt….

Salt Numbers

It is my homemade version of a Montessori sand tray which is a preparatory work for writing.   You can do this exercise any number of ways:- sand, salt (like I have), cornmeal, paint in a plastic bag.  You name it, if you can let your kid trace letters in it and it can be reused, then you’ve got a good way to teach them the physical process of writing.  It can also be small, like mine (due to storage issues), or large like some of the items that can be purchased online.  It’s all up to you.  And yes, they will want to play with the sand/salt as well as draw in it.  Sometimes you’ll get letters, numbers, pictures or just heaped hills.  Ah the sensory tub really needs to make a reappearance in our household but in a smaller more controllable way.  Must give that thought for next time.

* as opposed to the impromptu pom pom transfer activity created earlier.

5 thoughts on “The Oh Waily Kids…

  1. oh I love the idea of a sand tray – Elijah already knows all the letters and numbers but a lot of the kids at kindy aren’t writing their names yet – that could be a very useful tool


  2. Hi Kelly,
    Yes, if we’d still been in our house I would’ve made an effort to find good quality sand to do this – and a bigger tray too.
    Still, this works just fine for a letter or two at a time. And is remarkably cheap. A big bag of salt from the supermarket is only a couple of dollars and the tray was about the same – it was certainly under $10 all up .


  3. Hello makeitgiveit,
    Welcome to the Oh Waily blog.

    I don’t know if you’ve tried this before, but the sensory sand tub idea works really well too. If you scroll to the bottom of that post you’ll see the one I set up for indoors earlier this year, before we moved south and without so much useful tiled area.


  4. I love the box idea. R is fascinated by them – tissue, his shoe ones, etc. Unfortunately he is also fascinated with the things he can pull off the bench. This one is not so cute.


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