NaBloPoMo at Oh Waily ends

Well here we are folks.  It is the end of November and the end of my NaBloPoMo for 2010.  Where did the month go?

I’m rather amazed that I made it through without too much drama or resorting to too many gratuitous kiddie photos.  I did pull a lot of late nights after the first week, however, and will be glad to see the end of that bad habit.

It has made me realise that maybe my life isn’t quite as dull and repetitive as I may occasionally think.  If I can actually come up with something to say for thirty days straight, maybe my brain has actually switched itself back on.  That would be nice.

What I have liked about this month is the way it has made me think about my blog writing.  I had to turn up to the page, as Julia Cameron puts it in The Artist’s Way, therefore I had to come up with something.   In essence I forced my brain to actually put forth some work, and not just any work, but something I wouldn’t completely cringe at.

What I have disliked about this month is the way that turning up on the page here meant turning up until late in the evening when I would much rather have been reading in bed or asleep.  It has played havoc with the rhythm of my days – very late nights, early-ish mornings and therefore very long days.  I’m glad that is over.

But I am very chuffed to have made the commitment and to have achieved it with only this one real inconvenience.  Now to see what it may have done for my blogging going forward.

3 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo at Oh Waily ends

  1. I, for one, have appreciated the effort! I love your blog and have been inspired by a number of them. Sorry it was such hard slog, but I loved it!


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