Kiddie Stabbing Day

It is kiddie stabbing day here at Oh Waily.
Today we are off to do the modern day equivalent of poking pins into a wax doll.

Master Oh Waily is off to the doctor’s this morning to have his 15 month immunisations.  Happy 15 month birthday Master Oh Waily !

The Little Man has become more and more snuggly over the last month, to the point where he volunteers big cuddles while being carried to bed each night.  His kissing technique still requires work, however.  I know it’s the thought that counts, but really he needs to work out that it is something he is to do with his lips not with his whole mouth, especially his tongue.

As well as those obvious signs of affection, there is something satisfying to a Mum when their little one comes running up the hall looking for them just to give their leg a big hug (height restrictions cause this naturally).  Or to snuggle with them on the bed, wiggling their little bottom back so that they can lie back at a nice upright angle on the tri-pillow, pillow combination favoured by Mum while reading, leaning into the side of said mother and cuddled in the crook of Mum’s arms.
That’s a very big warm fuzzy for this Mum.

I just wonder if that is going to evaporate in one fell swoop this morning as he is now old enough to remember such indignities as having someone hold him down so a complete stranger can poke a needle into his leg.

Oh, I hope not.  I’m loving the snuggly version of my boy.  Long may it last.

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