Abandoned already?

Oh no no no.

Truly I have not abandoned you in my hour of triumph.  I was merely taking a deep breath before carrying on.

And while taking that deep breath I was sitting squinting at my computer, not to blog you understand but to catch up on some of the things that blogging for the whole of November got in the way of.

I used that precious evening time yesterday to respond to some overdue family history emails.  Update some work on my family tree as a consequence and finally sit down today for a few hours of website upgrading.

By way of interesting things happening around the Oh Waily world today, and frankly they weren’t really that interesting, Miss Oh Waily and I saw a unicycle rider out of our front window this morning.  I’m not sure how many cities in the world can boast a unicycle-to-work kind of resident, but Wellington has at least one.

Then later in the morning Miss Oh Waily’s three day obsession with making banana cake came to an end as she and I combined talents and mixer skills to create the world’s most perfect round, moist, crunchy on the outside ode to the rotten banana.  Which was promptly eaten for a pre-lunch snack.

After cake making Miss Oh then indulged herself in some rather spectacular painting work.  I will take photographs and post them shortly as they are a very nice indicator of change in her artistic skills.  Currently they are arranged around the living room on any high, flat surface to dry safely out of the reach of Little Brother’s roving hands.

Then after lunch I was able to be a working woman again, albeit at home in front of the computer.  I am slowly and painfully (despite all your previous advice and assistance Bruce) working my way through updating and redesigning our work website.  Yes, it is a do-it-yourself piece.  By me.  And now very antiquated.

So it is goodbye to tables for layouts and hello CSS and javascript.  Not my forte but I like a good challenge when I actually have the time to put my mind to the task.  Unfortunately time is the one thing that has been lacking.*
By the end of my afternoon of screen squinting I think I may have my basic layout organised and now just have to revisit my old planning notes for the original website and update them to reflect all the changes that have gone on in recent times.  Not a particularly small task, and not one that can be dashed off in a couple of hours.  Still it’s got to be done and I’d really like to be the one to do it.  I am hoping not to cave in and pay someone more capable, really I am.   But if an afternoon of screen viewing is going to cause me to visit the optometrist for the first time since university I may prefer to pay the web designer as buy a pair of spectacles.

And that was Friday in the Oh Waily household.

* and maybe my mind too, come to think of it.

4 thoughts on “Abandoned already?

  1. Our national Health and Safety rep at work has told us that it has been proven that prolonged comp use doesn’t damage eyes. I’m still skeptical. But does that make you feel a little better?


    1. Good to know that, but I’d be more worried about my hand getting mouse freeze. ;D
      I know I’m slightly long-sighted, so lots of looking at small screens (or very fine print books) gives me eye-ache.
      Don’t know what causes the brain-ache though. LOL


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