Whew, what a scorcher…

This morning I took another trip to the National Library.
It’s turning out to be my default exercise regime.  It’s a tad over 2 kilometres of walking each way.  This morning was beautiful, warm and crisp.  A lovely stroll was had.

The return trip was three hours later and considerably warmer.  I found myself stuck in my winter/spring clothing choices and therefore melting away in the supposed 23 degree heat.  Yeah right!  If it was only 23 degrees then I’m Cinderella.

Anyway, it looks like summer is finally here with a vengeance.  Sorry about that those of you currently searching for your cars under the latest snowfall in the Northern Hemisphere.  It may look Christmas card perfect, but it’s not so much fun when the water freezes in your pipes and they burst ruining the whole house.  Just ask some rellies currently holidaying in Australia.

So anyway, the Oh Waily household is pretty quiet at the moment.  Other than the usual daily routine there is very little in the way of stories to regale you with, so I thought I would go to my old fallback – recommendations – and since the C word is nearly upon us I thought I would start off with this rather good post for those short on ideas, but big on craft skills.   It is from one of my many regular blog reads – Craftynest.  This post is from a few months ago, and was bookmarked in anticipation of the season ahead.  It is called 137 inexpensive, handmade holiday gift ideas, Part 6. This part is dedicated to ideas for kids.  My personal favourites are the soap globes and the felt monster.
Part 7 was also quite interesting, but mostly for a link to this book.  Once upon a time there was a rather nifty Japanese store in Auckland that would wrap your splendid purchases in furoshiki.   There is even an online store dedicated to it.  I love small bits of beautiful fabric, so both the book and this website holds great appeal.  And frankly using fabric couldn’t be anywhere near as ugly as my gift wrapping skills.

Carrying on the Christmas and craft theme, have you visited CraftyPod?
I know it’s a bit after the fact, but maybe you’d like to make a magnetic Advent calendar?  Not sure how – take a look here for inspiration.  I quite like this idea.  Maybe next year.

Okay, I think that’s enough Christmas craft themes for tonight.  I hope it gives you some ideas if you’re stuck coming into the last remaining 20 days.

Ho Ho Ho….

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