Book Journal

Tonight’s post is a short one.  It’s not because I don’t love writing and writing and writing.  It’s because I’m watching NCIS and because I’m catching up on all my very overdue blog reading.

One of those blogs, Penelope Loves Lists, see my sidebar badge, had a great idea that I may just have to consider implementing in my life too.  It is a Book Journal.

Like Meredith, I too love nice stationery, but don’t like the idea of writing a traditional diary.  I currently write reviews of most of the books I read here on the blog, but sometimes it would be nice to have something simple that can be leisurely thumbed through.   I’m particularly taken with the idea of doing this year after year and then looking back and seeing my growth (or not) as a reader.  Seeing my preferences wax and wane.  Seeing my author obsessions come and go.

What a fantastic idea, and I have just the little book to start it off with.

4 thoughts on “Book Journal

  1. I have a little notebook that I carry on me at ALL times that has my TBR list at the front and all the books I have read at the back (for the year). All I have at the back is title, author date finished and rating. It is actually the second of the year as I lost my first and it nearly broke my heart. A part of me secretly likes to think that it was stolen. I used to put them in a diary but I had various lists of TBRs all over the show and I prefer this. I’ve tried the online ones (Shelfari was my one of choice) but I prefer the tactile immediateness of my notebook. I have a reading goal (an online challenge) and it is a nice way of keeping track as well.
    I love crossing off a book from my TBR list. It’s the little things.
    And by notebook, I really mean a little red 1B5 that cost me $0.15.


  2. Oh, losing your book is horrible !
    Have you put a “return to” in your new one?

    I do love the idea of adding the TBR list to the book as well. I’m always standing in the library thinking “which book was it that I wanted to have a look at?” and am most frustrated at my lack of recall.

    We have a few 1B5s floating around the house, but I’m a bit of paper magpie. I don’t have stashes of beautiful stationery, but it glitters and winks at me when I see it in a good store…
    I wrote about one shop here. You’ll need to scroll right down almost to the end. Sadly their website is now a heavy load and not very evocative of walking into the store. 😦
    But the notebooks and colours were fabulous. Ahhhh. Maybe I can use Christmas as an excuse to splash out on a nice little moleskine or similar. Now who can I convince to buy me one of those little book journals they have?


  3. Is this the Gordon Harris or is there another store called Littlejohns?
    If it’s the GH then I’ve been a couple of times. Last time I was a bit ticked off – I bought Master Oh Waily’s A3 Art portfolio there and saw it later at a third of the price in Whitcoulls. Boy was I steamed about that !! Serve me right for only checking Warehouse Stationery and not them too. 😦


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