Vision Board

Tonight I have just completed my first ever Vision Board.
If you’ve been living under a rock for quite a number of years, or haven’t been blessed to watch the odd Oprah show, then here’s a brief and very clear description of what is involved.

While I personally don’t subscribe to the “law of attraction” theory that is usually attached to doing this sort of activity, I’m also not closed minded enough to discount the power of imagery repeatedly imprinted on the mind.  After all that’s what the Olympic athletes are all doing to gain that last 5% of their performance, but in that instance it’s called visualization.

Anyway, I pilfered a couple of sheets of Miss Oh’s A3 art pad, joined them together and set out to do a bit of decluttering.  Otherwise known as finally getting around to using images that I cut out of an array of magazines that were thrown out shortly before we moved.

I really only needed to break out the glue stick and place the images and words on to the sheets of paper.  And voilà.  There you have it.

Tomorrow I will take a trip to the local stationery store and purchase a nice piece of foam board on which to pin my work of art.

If you are feeling the need for a bit of creativity and a return to childhood through collage making, I can highly recommend this.  It’s very therapeutic.

Oh and for the record my board was an “Opening and Allowing” vision board by Christine Kane’s descriptions.  And I do promise to let you know what, if anything, may be opened or allowed for in the future.

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