Active Mum

I’ve created a new blog.

Surprise, surprise.  I seem to be a serial blog creator.
I put this down to my many interests and a feeling that they are distinct parts of my life and deserve singular attention.

The new blog is called Active Mum.
It’s a no-brainer that it’s about getting fit and leading a healthier lifestyle.  I chose to make it a separate place as my original idea for it was as a collaboration, not a personal journal.  Oh Waily Waily is my personal journal of thoughts and life experiences, after all.
In reality it will probably be a mix of both – journal and collaboration.  But hopefully not just my experiences.  Anyone willing to “spill” their secrets and struggles with leading a fit and healthy lifestyle?
If you’ve wanted to try blogging but didn’t think that the regularity of posting was something you really wanted in your life, maybe this is your opportunity to write an occasional piece and have it float out into the internet.
If it sounds like you, drop me an email.

In the meantime, until anyone else puts their hand up to be a contributor, I will be plodding along with my own scribblings.  Once a week I will add a summary of Active Mum posts to Oh Waily, that way you don’t have to subscribe to more than one blog and you don’t miss out on something that may interest you.

2 thoughts on “Active Mum

  1. Hi Lynn,
    So how goes the Great wall of China!!! How many kms are you up to? Is this part of your active mum role? I think this is a great idea for another blog for you. I have to say that since taking this new job my activity has lessened. Just seems not enough hours in the day, and not enough energy to stay at the same level I was doing. Paul and me however are working towards it again with our new hobby. We have bought touring bikes and are planning to tour a bit over christmas. It won’t be far as we. well me is not bike fit, but the end goal is to tour somewhere fantastic like Europe for many months if possible. Will take a lot of planning.

    I am keen to read your blog on active mum, and hope to help with some encouragement. Maybe it will inspire too.



  2. Hey Clare,
    The Great Wall of China is proving to be hard work.
    I’m barely out of the first stop – just over 100k so far.
    Just another 6,291 kms left to go. At this speed it might be something I pass on to my kids to do. 😉

    New jobs seem to drag all the fun out of life don’t they. Hehe.
    Touring Europe on bikes sounds like a BIG plan. I don’t envy you the saddle sores. I hope you have fun doing the local touring over Christmas.

    How is your running going? Still able to fit in the odd one or two?
    Up for trying to get organised for a half next year? (Late next year – I’ll need a long lead time to get fit enough !!!) Preferably somewhere flat or else somewhere scenic to take my mind off the pain. Hehe.


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