The Spindles

Mr Oh Waily took Miss Oh to her Montessori daycare a few days ago.
Miss Oh is always keen for us to stay “for a while” with her.  Don’t ask, it’s been a long journey getting her comfortable being back in daycare.
Miss Oh chose to show her Dad the Spindles.  I thought I would share the photos that came home to me that morning via Blackberry*.

This is a very easy work for her.  We’ve had lots of opportunity to do counting games and I made up a home-made version for her using laminated number cards, bowls and wooden pegs a long time ago.  So the concepts are very familiar and this is just the formal version on show.

The Spindle Boxes
Counting the Spindles

Miss Oh likes to group count the spindles before putting them in the appropriate bit of the box.  I think it is traditionally shown counting the spindles in one at a time.  Not what our little Miss is interested in doing, but her method is just as effective.

Putting the Spindles In

And the usual friend (Lumpy) is watching on in the background too.

* apologies for the quality of the photographs.

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