Oh Waily has returned

Oh Waily has been rather quiet for the past couple of weeks.  This was unintentional, but life is often like that.  Surprises, both good and bad have a tendency to interfere with our best plans.

A day before we were due to head north for Christmas we got a phone call telling us that a family member had an acute attack of a chronic illness and was being taken to hospital.  That changed our plans and we left Wellington immediately.  Thankfully the stay in hospital seems to have settled things down and we were able to have Christmas together.  Naturally blogging was dropped from my priority over the time we were in Tauranga, but we have returned home today and normal transmission will resume shortly.

My best Christmas present this year?
Being able to spend the season with my family.

I hope you all had a nice Christmas and that you enjoyed your time together as a family.


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