We’re in the money…

well, truth to be told…

“We’re in the T-shirts, we’re in the T-shirts…”

It just doesn’t have the same ring to it, does it?

Who’d have thought that this blogging lark would’ve produced anything like payment?
Well it did.  In the form of a couple of t-shirts.

A while back I wrote about a family outing the Oh Wailys took to Staglands courtesy of a good deal from the folks at GrabOne.  I’ve been on the lookout for fun family things to do since we arrived here in Wellington, and this was one of them.  No intent on my part to do a product placement for the GrabOne team but somehow their blogger, Jen, stumbled upon my post and requested that it be used on the GrabOne Blog.  It appeared there on Mr Oh Waily’s birthday.  So for a very brief moment I could have been world famous in New Zealand.

Oh well, I will sacrifice my world famousness for the two, yes two, t-shirts that arrived for my wearing pleasure.

Thanks Jen !
And thanks GrabOne for a whole bunch of great deals that I have taken up but not blogged about !!

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