The Demon TV

I was so pleased to see that one of my early favourite “real application” of Montessori at home bloggers – Wide Open on the Mommybahn – was back in action.  And now I’ve finally caught up with her recent posts, two of which struck very big and guilty chords with me.

The TV.

Oh where to begin.  I didn’t want to have a TV babysitter in our house, but yet I succumbed in order to have ten minutes of peace and a shower each morning.  Then came illnesses and down the slippery slope we started.  Kidzone is full of interesting and captivating pre-school programmes, but that makes it no less addictive and destructive.  When Master Oh Waily arrived I was sleep deprived and desperate for rest so the slope steepened considerably and down we plunged.  And now we have a semi-addict in our house and a little one trying his best to imitate big sister.

Reading Confessions of a Recovering TV Abuser just reminded me of my own struggles to get back on track.  No TV.  Not as a babysitter.  Not for a “break”.  No more.

Then reading the follow-up post 12 Steps to TV Freedom in Real Life Without Becoming a Sanctimonious Jerk gave me a kick in the pants with a couple of areas that I had let slide over the past few months, TV being only one of them.
I’m going to work harder on suggestion number 5, Organize play areas, and display toys attractively, now that Master Oh Waily can reach nearly all the shelves and is less prone to putting absolutely everything into his mouth.  We had been going through a stage of having to put all of Miss Oh Waily’s fiddly things (crayons & pencils are perfect for little mouths) up out of the extended reach of a growing boy.  Not so much shelf space the higher up you have to go, you know.

Idea #6 works really well in our house, except for the fact that both the kids only ever want to hear the Baby Einstein version of Carmen.  Over. And. Over. Again. Ad. Nauseum.

The others are all good, common sense tips.

Keep your fingers crossed for me.  I feel a few days of struggle ahead, but I know that given a bit of time we will all be better off without it.

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