It is that time of year again.
I’ve been putting it off.  A bit over a whole week now.  But.  I have succumbed.

This time last year I managed to hold off for a whole eleven days before I faced the dreaded “year ahead” question.  This time last year I was pronouncing 2010 as the Year of Simplicity.

Well I tried.  For a while.  Can’t say that life has become overly simplified.  Oh well, it was nice to have a goal I suppose.

2011 is going to have a theme as well.  Not because last year’s was a raging success but because as part of my sweep out the old year to bring in the new year – also known as decluttering – I cleared out a box that we have euphemistically been calling our “Memories Box”.

Are any of you cowering with the thought of what might be in this box?  Some of you should be.  There are letters in there going back to the early 1980s.  Postcards, letters, menus from when Mr Oh Waily went on a spree of invitation dinner parties and sundry other items from my OE.   If you have every travelled and sent a postcard then it will have spent some time in this box.  If you have ever lived overseas and written the old fashioned way with pen and paper, then your letters will have spent some time here too.  It was rather nice looking through all of these oddities and mementos of our lives from the past.

Rest comfortable – almost all of you – your missives have been enjoyed one last time and then added to the biodegradable contents of the rubbish bin.   I have finally embraced the simple life – no more excess “stuff” taking up precious space and mental energy every time I look at it.  But what going back through the box did for me was solidify an idea that had been on the boil in my mind for the past week anyway.


I’m rubbish at them.  I am the world’s worst correspondent as many of you can attest to.  I’m hopeless at phoning people to keep in touch.  Frankly it’s a miracle that any of you put up with me at all.
It’s not like I don’t care. I do.  I really like to hear what is going on with friends and family and am chuffed as punch for you when good things are coming your way.
I just seem to be congenitally incompetent at doing the stuff that builds good relationships.

Well, no more.  2011 is going to be the year where I do something about it.  This year you will probably be sick of hearing from me.  Or knocked over by the fact that I’ve actually got off my chuff and phoned or written.  So, get your smelling salts ready or duck for cover, here comes the Year of Relationships.

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