Flavour of the moment

Currently we have a favourite snack in the Oh Waily household.


Dressed up and zingy.

Take as much Greek-style yoghurt* as you would like.  My two tykes can stuff a whole small bowlful in one sitting.
Add a liberal dose of LSA, otherwise known as “nutty sprinkles” in our house.
And finally top with a swirl of runny golden syrup.**

If this looks vaguely familiar, it was inspired by the lovely Greek desserts that I had while travelling around Europe a number of years ago.  Tangy, plain yoghurt topped with a swirl of honey.  Yum, yum, yum, yum !

I’m still somewhat surprised that my fussy palated daughter goes for this, but my garbage disposal son is usually happy with anything that he can spoon into his mouth himself without outside interference.  Go figure !

Happy snacking everyone.

* in our house De Winkel’s Plain Unsweetened Greek Yoghurt wins this job.
**  we don’t tend to have runny honey in the house so this was our compromise.

3 thoughts on “Flavour of the moment

  1. Miss OWW gave me a surprising response today.
    I offered her the store-bought “Chocky Yoggie” or our “Plain Nutty Yoggie” and her answer was swift and definite – “Plain Nutty please !”

    Whoop, there’s hope for me on the culinary front yet. Look out Heston B.


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