The Oh Waily Kids

I hadn’t realised just how long it has been since I wrote anything about the Oh Waily kids.  This is partly because I’ve been incredibly slack at taking photographs of some of the things we get up to, and partly because I’ve been falling into a bit of a slump on the Montessori front.

Miss Oh Waily no longer attends her Montessori daycare. She never really settled in and even after a term of waiting for her to adjust to the routine she still didn’t want to go. Instead, as you may know from reading Active Mum, she now goes for two hours twice a week with her brother to the daycare at our gym. She has taken like a duck to water here.

That leaves it up to me to fill in that gap. And gap filling is going slowly.  I am finding it incredibly hard to set a routine, although I have this wonderful example at my fingertips.  I am having a hard time with the juggling act that is a competent 3 and a half year old’s activities and her curious but semi-destructo eighteen month old brother.  If I put things out for Miss Oh to do, they nearly always need to be done at the big table so that Master Oh does not “ruin” it.    Then sometimes, if I find an activity for Master Oh to do that keeps his attention, his big sister thinks it must be something she can muscle in on.

Oh the joys of two kids at home.   If anyone with two kids who has gone through this – what did you do to separate them?  Or did you find an activity that could be done by both at once ?

Anyway, that’s not getting me any further along with this post about the kiddie activities.

Cutting and Threading

Today’s activity is a Miss Oh Waily Practical Life special.
Special in the fact that she created it from scratch.

What you need:
– some straws
– an old shoelace or similar
– a pair of toddler-friendly scissors
– a small container
– some patience

What we did:
I provided Miss Oh with her scissors, the small plastic tub and some straws.  She then set about cutting the straws into different lengths.  She had great fun with this, and at this point you will need the patience you have set aside.  The cut bits of straw *ping* off every which way.  This is the bit that she enjoyed the most.  I’m sure it’s the mess-making bit that thrills them all the most.

Cutting the Straws

Once I could convince the little Miss that she didn’t need to cut up every straw in the packet we moved on to the threading bit.

Threading the shoelace

This was an easy thing for Miss Oh to do as she has been threading beads for some time.  But this is the first time she had used the shoelaces for this activity and it is nice to revisit and repeat these skills as they will keep the little fingers learning to be dexterous.

Oh, and it was the lazy mother’s way of creating an activity with little to no effort on her own part.  😉

Now on to the gratuitous photograph section…
First a snap of one of Miss Oh’s recent artworks and then one of the Little Master being himself – cute.

The Face
Boy with Hat

One thought on “The Oh Waily Kids

  1. Hey, I didn’t see that picture. It’s a good one. Can definitely tell it’s you. . . no wait, I see a goatee 😉


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