Moving On

Tomorrow morning the Oh Waily family moves on.

We are removing ourselves from the city out to Lower Hutt.   Much closer to Mr Oh Waily’s workplace and a house with more space.  Hopefully it will all go without a hitch.
I’ll miss the ability to walk out the door to so many good spots*, but I think the other positives will outweigh that in time.

Shhh….   Just don’t tell the library that I’ve moved.

* Te Papa, Oriental Parade, Frank Kitts Park, the National Archives, the Central Library, the waterfront, Moore Wilson, Japan City, the gym.  The list is a long one.

One thought on “Moving On

  1. Once a Wellingtonian, always a Wellingtonian. I’m pleased that you’ll be moving with happy memories of living at the Heart of the Edge of the World. Besides, you’re not so far away… in the vicinity of the aortic arch really 😉


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