Spend Out

Just thought I would peep my head out from under all the boxes to let you know that I haven’t fallen off the back of the moving van.

The move went reasonably well.  Now it is the pointy end.  Box emptying.  Lots of it.

What has struck me once again, as I empty box upon box of books, is the fact that I have barely read half of the books on our shelves.  Some of these I have actually owned for a great number of years, some belong to Mr Oh Waily, while others have been gifts or hand-me-downs.

I was struck by this tonight and have decided that it is time to “Spend Out”* on all of these unread books.  I have begun the Bedside Pile and it is starting to resemble a bibliophile’s version of the Great Wall of China.  I have only unloaded three boxes and it looks like I may struggle to get into my bed without crampons & pitons tonight.

Frankly I’m beginning to be too embarrassed to confess the actual number of books that I seemingly have been hoping will fill my mind by osmosis.  Stand a little closer to the bookshelf, I’m sure the prose will leak out from between the leaves and float gently into my ear and thereafter make its way to my brain.

Hah, I say.  And hah again.  Actual effort is required you lazy great lump.  Not much when the majority of your reading is conducted in that hour between planting yourself in bed and actually turning the light off in order to go to sleep.  A little bit of tricep action is required, and seriously who couldn’t use a little tricep action as one reaches a certain age and those bat wings begin to look ominously possible.

So tonight’s resolution(s)…

  1. Reaffirming my original Spend Out goal of not bringing home armfuls of library books.
  2. Attempt to read one book a week from my Bedside Pile, until they are gone, all gone and on a shelf of their own.†

I think a book a week is a bit of a stretch, but I’m going to give it a go anyway.
Want to join me?  Spend out, set a goal, let’s go for it.

* not familiar with the term “Spend Out”?  Take a look at these posts here at Oh Waily and here at The Happiness Project blog.

†  this has more than one goal to it. First, spend out; second, reduce my wasted personal time that I have recently realised is often largely frittered away in little meaningless chunks of “nothing”.  How many times a day do you really need to check your email, Facebook, this forum or that forum?  Suck it up.  Do something more substantial and you know what?  That personal time is going to feel like a break after all.

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