A Picture Post

Be warned – the following post contains lots of photographs and not much else.

Some gratuitous holiday snaps…

Sleeping Beauties
Sleeping Beauties *
Sofitel Sofa
Sofitel Sofa
Westin Swing
Westin Swing **
Westin Slide
Westin Slide
Dunking Daddy
Dunking Daddy ***
Boy Throwing
Boy Throwing ****
Chilled Out
Chilled Out *****
Colour Sorting - Fiji Style
Colour Sorting - Fiji Style ******

Then there are the things we’ve been doing around the house lately….

Rice Sensory Tub
Rice Sensory Tub ^^
Homemade Playdough
Homemade Playdough ^^^
Alligator Dough
Alligator Dough ^^^^

And finally for those who have a book addiction.  Here is my proof of the existence of the Bedside Pile, and the fact that I was not exaggerating much about crampons and pitons.

The Bedside Pile
The Bedside Pile

* what any self-respecting person with children would be doing on holiday.
** the Westin has the best kids playground on Denarau by miles.
*** what small child doesn’t want the power to dunk his Daddy?  He loved doing it !
**** but Daddies always have one more trick up their proverbial sleeve.
***** waiting for the evening torch lighting ceremony & the warrior with the flames.
****** you can’t escape even when on holiday.  Her extra beads from her braids, plus the various small toys we brought with us, make a great colour matching AND counting game.  In this case, the same coloured items have been grouped AND then put in order of how many there are of each colour.  And it was all a good fun game.  Love that real life learning.

^^ take one large tub, a large amount of old rice, add a selection of small items.  Hide the items and make it a game to find them all.  Not seen in this photograph – the repeated version (we did this about 5 times in a row, each time with requests for more things to find) also had a written list of numbers which were to be crossed off when each item was found.
^^^ all the kit needed to make homemade playdough.  The excellent recipe can be found here and here.  And if you don’t know what to do with your leftover Avent BM storage cups, here’s one suggestion – home made playdough storage.
^^^^ and here is what Miss Oh did with the new playdough.  Notice her green fingers – she helped knead the colour into the dough this time.

2 thoughts on “A Picture Post

  1. Your bedside pile is one of the most beautiful things I have seen : )

    But seriously, how gorgeous are your two young’uns? How much fun was Fiji for them?! Fantastic x


    1. I thought the piles of book might bring either a smile or a grimace, depending on which side of the book fence a person sits. 🙂

      As for the kidlets – ta – we think they’re pretty cute as it happens. And you can’t go wrong with Fiji with kids. Especially since the ladies at the resorts keep stealing them for cuddles. 🙂


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