The Bones – Sheri S. Tepper

Yet another of my Bedside Pile books.  This time a very short one that I devoured in about two nights of reading.  It is one of many Sheri Tepper books that lurk in my library, some of which are still in The Pile.  I was introduced to Sheri Tepper’s work a number of years ago by a friend* when I started with books about Jinian Footseer.

This is a short horror novel, the second of a pair.  The first being Blood Heritage .   The main character in this story is Mahlia Ettison.  The book opens with Mahlia looking over a house in the country.  Her husband is a consultant who is away but wants her to create a “normal” life for their family, starting with a house away from the city.

It becomes clear that Mahlia is a witch.  She has made a promise to Badger, her husband, after the events of Blood Heritage that she will deny that area of her life and not have any contact with her three witch friends.  As a result of this pushing down of her abilities she is more or less unaware of the goings on at her new home Byers Farm and the nearby Byers Fault.  Eventually, of course, the goings on become unable to be ignored and envelope her, Badger’s son Robby and their daughter Elaine in a gory and gruesome series of events.

In no way could I ever claim to be a reader of horror stories.  My imagination is just a bit too vivid for me to manage to read anything especially nasty so I was pretty happy that while this had a good dose of suspense there wasn’t anything excessive.  I was able to work out the main “secrets” of the other characters and the gist of the plot by about halfway through the book, but it didn’t detract from the suspense over how everything would be resolved.

If you like Sheri Tepper, or like a bit of horror/suspense, then this might be a nice light read for you.  I was pleasantly surprised, and once The Pile is reduced I may try the library for the first book – Blood Heritage.

* Hi Megan.  🙂

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