What an evil place it is !

I have succumbed and made my first Etsy purchase.  It wasn’t even for me, it was for the kids.  And I love it.

The very helpful, and speedy, Michele from Polliwog Learning Products makes the most beautiful sandpaper letters and numbers.  I got the heads up about these from one of my regular Montessori blogs, Sew Liberated.  I loved them so much I purchased the lower case sandpaper letters for the Oh Waily children to start with.

If you are interested in doing things the Montessori way with your children, you can’t go wrong with these when you begin letter recognition and writing practice.

Not sure how they work and why you’d use them?  You can read about them here and here.   As you can see from some comments in the last link, these will tie in very nicely with other work/games* we have done in the past.

In addition to the physical letters I have also indulged Miss Oh’s love of her father’s iPad by purchasing two Montessori “games” for her from the app store.  They are, for those who may be interested in these things, “Intro to Math” and “Intro to Letters” by a company called Montessorium.  She loves doing the numbers games.  Numbers seem to be her thing.  If you’ve been here at Oh Waily for some time you may recognise some of the electronic games from the physical ones we have created at home.

And so I warn you friends, once you make an Etsy purchase you may find yourself constantly browsing the website instead of tending to your work or your children and family.

* it seems in our household that “lessons” need to be done by stealth.  If it smacks of “teaching” then we resolutely refuse to be taught.  However, if it sounds like I’ll be left to my own devices and can make whatever mess I like, then that’s a bit of me, thanks !

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