The Activity Corner – Mark II

You may remember the Activity Corner that I created in our house when I first became interested in doing things in a Montessori way. Well we have since lived in an apartment, which remarkably managed to cope with two small children and their toys.  Now we have moved back into a house once again.

We chose this house for its location, garden and layout. It’s similar in many ways to our home in Auckland. It has four bedrooms, although in this house the small one is only really suitable as an office or store room. The kitchen is very large, the dining area is open to the kitchen and the living room is mostly open to the dining area.
The kitchen is so big, in fact, that it can take our dining table without blinking an eyelid. It is also more sensible to have it over the tiled kitchen floor rather than the carpeted dining area. Small children who are only partly competent with cutlery tend to be a carpet’s absolute nightmare.

By putting the table into the kitchen this left a large area free for other uses.  And put it to use I did.  The little bookshelf you can see in my previous activity corner post is still doing service as a toy / activity shelf.  The cabinet that our television once sat on has now become another set of shelves and drawers for more toys and activities, mostly for Master Oh Waily.
Finally I caved in and purchased a bookshelf for the kid’s books that also does double duty as another set of shelves.  I love it.  It was something of a fiasco getting it and constructing it – but that’s a story for another day.

So, on to the photographs.  Trust me, it doesn’t look nearly this tidy most days, but I do get the Oh Waily kids to tidy up the space each evening before they head off for their bath.  There are a few other things that I’d like to add to the space, fresh flowers being one of them, but I’m pretty happy with how we’ve managed to use the space available.

Activity Area 1

Activity Area 4

Activity Area 3

Activity Area 2

I think the photographs are pretty obvious but if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

And as I asked the last time…

If you have a dedicated corner of the house for your little ones, I’d love to know what you do and how you have organised it.

2 thoughts on “The Activity Corner – Mark II

    1. Thanks Clare. We’re really happy here. Lots of space for them to let loose their energies and much more like home that the apartment. Kids are good – growing like sprouts & constantly amazing me with what & how fast they learn things. Little Man has considerably more words than his big sister did at his age – there’s nothing like listening to an older sibling to bring that along. 🙂

      How’s your place? How’s the job? Are you still planning to go to Oz?


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