Red Dwarf – Grant Naylor

This is another long term member of the Bedside Pile.
I have finally managed to get around to reading the first of the Red Dwarf books.

What a wonderful way to spend a week.  It was like being transported back in time.  I could see the individual episodes playing in my head as I read the book.  I could picture Craig Charles, Chris Barrie and Danny John-Jules in all their glory as Lister, Rimmer and the Cat.

It also went some way to fleshing out the characters’ back stories and to add a bit of meat to the television episodes too.  But the best part was being reminded of a nice time, when a few friends would come over for a couple of drinks and a laugh on “Red Dwarf Night”.

If you are of a generation that enjoyed the original series about “the Boys from the Dwarf”, then you may enjoy reminiscing in book form.  Otherwise, you might just have to get the DVDs out and revisit them that way.

If you aren’t of that generation but like slightly absurd British sci-fi comedy, then maybe you should look the Dwarf up at your local video store.  You might just like it.

Now I’m off to find the latest offerings from the Dwarf franchise.  They clearly haven’t made it down to this part of the world yet and curiosity may have got the better of me.

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