Angove Organic Shiraz Cabernet – 2009

The Wine:

Angove Organic Shiraz Cabernet – 2009.
Purchased from Commonsense Organics – Wellington City for NZ$ 18.99 a bottle.

Tasting notes:

From the winemaker:

Deep red with purple hues this is a vibrant and spicy wine. The dark fruit aromas on the nose blend perfectly with the spicy pepper and soft oak flavours on the palate with a long soft earthy finish.

From the bottle label:

Deep red with purple hues this wine displays good intensity of dark berry fruit aromas interwoven with succulent plums and black cherry.  The palate is full and opulent with luscious flavours following the initial impression of plums and black cherry with a hint of chocolate.

The full pdf file from the winemaker can be downloaded from the winemaker’s website, make sure you click the “previous notes” tab to get this vintage’s information.

Before we start:

The sign in the shop said that this wine was Vegan.  Not that this is mentioned by the winemaker’s website.  It is also from certified organic growers.  This, from memory, is the first time I’ve bought both a vegan and organic wine.  I’m rather looking forward to see what, if any, difference it makes to the wine.
If you are unsure as to why a wine might not automatically be vegan, here is a nice summary of the whys and wherefores.

Like most of the wine we seem to buy these days it is a screw cap and not a cork.  The labelling is fairly plain, but the word Organic is made to be the centrepiece.
The wine is made by a multi-generational family winery in South Australia.

The verdict:

My first thought when I placed my nose in the glass was: ‘musty’.   That didn’t dissipate for quite some time.  The wine was thin.  I don’t really have a proper technical way of saying that.  Most red wines seem to have some amount of bite, or mouth roundness.  This one didn’t.  At all.   It was also quite sharp along with that thinness.  There was no long earthy finish in my bottle.

As for the aromatics you are meant to identify.  Nope, didn’t manage any of those either.  Oh well, perhaps it is time I started eating plums and cherries in order to actually get what all these winemakers are trying to say.

Interestingly, and I don’t know what this says about the wine but it drank much nicer on the second day.  I put the cap back on after a couple of glasses and went about my business.  The next evening I tried it again and found it had more bite and texture to it.  It tasted much better.  Very odd.

I cannot really recommend this particular wine.  It was a disappointment, especially at the price I paid.  I can regularly buy wines a good deal cheaper that have much more punch and are much more pleasurable to drink.  Unless you have the ability to decant the bottle in advance for a very dear vegan friend or family member, I wouldn’t bother spending your money here, there are so many other choices out there.

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