Giesen Estate Gisborne Merlot – 2010

The Wine:

Giesen Estate Gisborne Merlot – 2010.
Purchased from the Supermarket for NZ$ 16.99 a bottle.

Tasting notes:

From the winemaker:

The 2010 Giesen Merlot shows vibrant fruit driven aromas of dark berries and plum with a hint of coffee. There are flavours of spice and blackcurrant on a smooth, velvety palate with great length.

A bit more technical detail, like harvest, brix, acidity and pH can be found on the  winemaker’s website.

Before we start:

This wine is slated for 3 year ageing so at a little over a year in we are definitely a bit early on in the drinking cycle.  The upside being, if we like it now then we can head out and grab a few more bottles.

Like most of the wine we seem to buy these days it is a screw cap and not a cork.

The verdict:

An improvement in taste and quality over the Angove reviewed a few days ago.  I appreciate that they are different varietals, but still. This bottle was a much better drink.

The berries, plum, blackcurrants and even the coffee (with which I am very familiar), eluded me.  I understand the concept, but I rarely seem to have the ability to pick up the flavours and aromas the winemaker is describing.  I’d be comfortable in saying that if you went back through my wine reviews that only once or maybe twice I will have identified a noted aroma with the wine.

However, I must say that over the years I have enjoyed many Giesen wines but this was a disappointment.  It just didn’t do it for me.  I was expecting more.  It was drinkable, but it wasn’t yummy.  And it is totally possible to get “yummy” for $17 a bottle.  Frankly, I have had “yummy” at $10 a bottle in recent times.
Cutting them some slack the varietal is new to Giesen, according to their website.  Maybe a few more years and I’ll be happier with the results.  In the meantime, I would recommend looking elsewhere for your next Merlot.

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