The idea of taking some time out and unplugging myself from the computer, the kids from the television and maybe even prising the Blackberry out of Mr Oh Waily’s tightly closed hand, has been growing on me.

Really growing on me.

I love the internet.  I love my computer.  Blogging is great fun when I have the inspiration.  Reading blogs gives me really interesting ideas and allows me to meet, in a virtual way, very interesting people.
The problem is discerning when is it time well spent, and when is it time wasted.  The line between this being a useful, enjoyable pastime and being a life-draining parasite* becomes blurred the longer you carry on your daily life in an unconscious manner.

I know my personality.  I am easily sucked in to these time-wasting, technology based things.  Instead of sitting reading one of my many wonderful Bedside Pile (or library**) books, stitching up one of my many WIPs, creating interesting games or toys for the kids, the glowing computer screen calls to me.   It doesn’t help matters that one of my primary hobbies, genealogy, now relies so heavily on the internet for access to information.

Well it’s got to come to a stop.  There has to be a break, a gap, some technology-free space. Without creating that space, there is nowhere for the “other” fun stuff to fit.  So a change is in the wind.  Ms Oh Waily has had enough.   And as the Buddhist proverb says,

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

In the way of circuitous things, through blogs linking to other blogs, I came across a new blog beauty that moves just a few days ago.  And just what was one of the topics of conversation going on here?  Unplugging.  So much so that the author of beauty that moves was planning to begin a new blog specifically about the process.  And now it has begun.   I particularly like the very simple ideas in the post How to Unplug.    As you might have guessed, this is one blog that’s now in my feed reader.  I’m looking forward to reading about how other families are unplugging, and why.

I see an interesting journey ahead.   My first step was taken a few days ago when I removed myself from some of the time-wasting online games that would eat up small chunks of spare time mercilessly. There is to be no more of that, thank you very much.

So, do you unplug?  Is it a regular thing with you?  What do you do with your unplugged time?

* was that too strong a phrase, perhaps?
** I know I promised not to go there until The Pile had shrunk, but you should know about me and books by now…

3 thoughts on “Unplugging

  1. DP and I have been talking a lot about this over the past few days. We really want to look at what we are doing effectively with our time and I waste too much of it on the computer (damn 1 min challenge games on FB, I’m an addict). And as such, I am off until this evening. I have some knitting to do, some more of Middlesex to read, Pillars of the Earth to watch and a little monkey to smother love and affection on.


  2. Good luck hun…we did this and its great, apart from today all sick so im on computer and kids watching their recorded shows….Psssst im not on your blog roll:(


    1. Hey Sharlene,
      You are in my feed reader, but I seem to have forgotten to add you to the link list. I will remedy that shortly. 🙂
      No doubt you are not the only one. 😮


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