Master Oh Waily’s Activities

Master Oh Waily has been up to some new games recently, so I thought I would post a few pictures for you to see.

You may remember Button Sorting from when it was first tried and tested by Miss Oh Waily way back in 2009.  This week it was brought out again for Master Oh Waily to try his hand at.  The young Miss was just a smidgen over two when we first did this, Master Oh is just a smidgen under two.

As you can see from my high tech design, doing things Montessori does not always mean expensive.  And it gave me something to do with the Leaning Tower of Egg Cartons that has sprung up in the art corner.  Oh, and the unpainted portions will eventually all become coloured to match the sets of buttons, but I wanted to start simple with the three primary colours.
Button Placing 1

And here we are hanging on the button for dear life.  The pincer grip is still under construction.
Button Placing 2

And we come to the final result.
The Buttons

Sorry about the quality of the photographs, Master Oh Waily is far less patient than his sister and asking him to repeat things so his photographically challenged mother can have another go at getting a decent image just isn’t on the cards.

After we had sorted our buttons a few times, I brought out the pegs.  Again this may look familiar from a comment and photograph from the beginning of 2010.  This time it was a more controlled use of the pegs.  I didn’t expect Master Oh to be up for this task, but remarkably with a little bit of help from me with regards to which end to pinch, he worked hard at it and managed to do it.  It is still a little advanced for him, but his big sister enjoyed the opportunity to revisit the skill and did a few of the pegs with him.

Pegging 1

Look Ma !  Both hands…

Pegging 2

So that’s what you can do with your next empty Ferrero Rocher box.  Create a skill game for toddlers.  Oh, and for the record Master Oh is going to be right handed, with maybe a smidgen of ambidextrousness.  His sister is much more ambidextrous, with a leaning to the left for finer control tasks like writing.  But like all things children do – there’s bound to be a surprise around the corner.

And that is what Master Oh Waily has been up to lately.

Yes, I know he’s wearing pink spotty socks.  It was cold & his big sister’s socks work very nicely as feet warmers.

One thought on “Master Oh Waily’s Activities

  1. I love the socks! Thanks for the great ideas. With our boys being so close in age, you give me a lot of inspiration. Cheers : )


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