The Friday Night Knitting Club – Kate Jacobs

This was one of the potential candidates for the June CM Book Club’s chick lit read.  Like the libraryaholic I am, I got this one out as well as The House of Peine.

This book was 400 pages long.  It was not worth the effort I put into it.  The first 100 pages were dedicated to mechanical introductions to each of the characters.  The writing style left quite a bit to be desired as well.  The entire mid section of the book started turning into the predictable chick lit that I was expecting, and then the ending.  Well, that was something of a surprise.  And how swiftly it was dealt with.  Oh. My. Goodness.

If you take a trip through the Goodreads review of this book, especially those giving it one star, you will get a detailed commentary of the failings.  Pretty much all of which I agree with.  Please don’t waste your precious time on this.  Sorry all of you writers out there.  I try not to be too scathing because I know that you put a lot of time, effort, love and, no doubt, ego on the line when you produce something for the public.  But sometimes you wonder what the author’s editor and publisher were thinking.

Anyway, I gave this 2 stars, simply because I managed to get through it without throwing it against a wall.

4 thoughts on “The Friday Night Knitting Club – Kate Jacobs

  1. Hmm. Sadly, it went from mechanical to *almost* enjoyable to WTF ?!? Very odd ending to the story since the entire piece before it was leaning to traditional chick lit formula and was for the most part fluffy. It wouldn’t have been so odd if the whole book had been thoughtful, slightly more serious with humorous tones and had more depth & consistency to the characters.
    Yes indeed, use your time for something with more promise.


  2. totally agree, ending was out of nowwhere and, like you say, dealt with ridiculously quickly! only read it as I liked the idea of a knitting club, shame about the actual plot and characters in the story!


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