Chatty Chap

I thought it was overdue for an update on Master Oh Waily.
This past month to six weeks has brought a huge explosion in his language.  Every time you turn around he is using or abusing a new word or dozen.

In the mornings these days I am woken up by a small person peering down at me as my bleary visions pulls back into focus in the pre-dawn dark.  Out comes a chirpy,

Wake up.  Wake up. Come on. Come. Come.

No, there is no alternative once Master Oh Waily is awake.  You are not allowed to lie abed in any way.  There is no physical pulling or pushing, simply a few choice words.

Then there is the pervasive, ‘yeah’ in affirmative response to questions.  Or a more recent addition, ‘miyo, soomarkit Mummy’ which translates to “milo from the supermarket Mummy”, when we inadvertently ran out of chocolate goodness.
Oh, and we cannot forget that any word out of his older sister’s mouth must be repeated immediately, with vigour.  Whatever she says, goes and with passion.

Master Oh Waily is the perfect mimic, less the ability to twist his tongue, teeth and lips around some of the trickier letters.  Still, he is mostly comprehensible, even to people who haven’t spent that much time with him.  He uses two word ‘sentences’ regularly, the odd three worder and once in a blue moon strings together four words to get some point across.

This is scaring me slightly.  His sister took until she was a smidgen over two before she started her language explosion.  He has started about three or four months earlier.  I have one very, very, chatty girl.  I have visions of being overwhelmed and overrun by an avalanche of language from two children.  Even now, some days feel like I’m in a crowded restaurant where lots of people are all talking at once in very loud voices.  It doesn’t help that Master Oh is still in practice mode so that loud, non-stop repetition is the order of the day.  Each small person attempts to gain the upper vocal hand in the conversation.  It can be ear shattering, and mind bending stuff.  And it is only the beginning.

Wish me sanity luck.

Biker Boy
The Chatty Biker Boy

Edited to add:  this morning’s wake up visit involved a nice wee stringing together of words.  While snuggled, and briefly silent, there was the loud sound of a bird outside.  Master Oh turns his head to me and says: “Hear that? Birdie.  Fly.  Upside down.”
Not quite sure about the reference to the upside down – perhaps he was referring to the fact that he was lying on his back?  Still, it was very cute* and the meaning was very clear even if it was missing many of our normal grammatical elements.

* I know, all Mums think their offspring are cute.  But it was.  🙂

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