What ails you?

In the Oh Waily household at the moment a nasty cold is what ails us.

Both Oh Waily kids have blocked, runny noses.  What an oxymoron that is.
Master Oh Waily is suffering under a light fever, and both kids have a nasty cough.

Sleep is thin on the ground, with Master Oh waking up a couple of times a night and being determined to stay awake if the clock shows anywhere near 5am.
Unsurprisingly this does not lend itself to blogging on my part, nor interesting activities on the children’s.  I do have some more things to share, but they will have to wait until everyone is back in good form.

Thankfully we are, in theory, in the last month of winter now and we may be lucky to only suffer one or two more ailments before the weather and the world in general’s health improves.

In the meantime we are trying out a new thing – audio books.  Master Oh is probably a bit too little yet to appreciate them, but I think I may be able to work gently on Miss Oh Waily.  So far we have listened to Hi Fly Guy and the first chapter of The Secret Garden.
I’m not so sure how we will go with stories as long as The Secret Garden, but I’m willing to give it a try.  If it works out well, it will be a good way to keep Miss Oh in bed when she is feeling ill and it will also be a new option for long car or aeroplane journeys.

Until we are all better, happy blog reading.

One thought on “What ails you?

  1. Hi Fly Guy was one I downloaded for Cass that ended up being not suitable for him.

    Hope it all settles down for you guys soon.


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