“If there is no stillness,
there is no silence.

If there is no silence,
there is no insight.

If there is no insight,
there is no clarity.”

– Tenzin Priyadarshi

I came across this quote on a post at Rowdy Kittens.  It struck a chord with me.
Frankly it is almost impossible to have stillness and silence in a household containing two small children.  They simply do not do those things without a great deal of encouragement and repetition on the part of their parents.  I believe it is part of Montessori practice to encourage this silence amongst the children.  They must have the patience of saints.

I like to be still.  I like to be surrounded by silence.
But like many other people I find myself torn this way and that by various real life commitments and the ubiquitous digital information sources – from the now humble email through the social networks and online forums.
Sometimes it seems impossible to imagine a time when we can actually sit still and be quiet.  Perhaps that is why I love our annual holidays to Fiji.  There is nothing to do.  You don’t have to be a slave to all those daily demands.    You can choose to lie still,  read, go for long walks alone, swim in an empty pool during the early morning quiet or simply enjoy the company of your family without all those little commitments and digital distractions interfering with your time together.

I think the most centred people manage to bring that experience to their everyday life.

I think that it is time to move towards a goal of regular stillness and silence in my daily life.  Personally I am not afraid to be alone with my thoughts.  They can actually be quite interesting and entertaining.  Quiet surroundings mean I can hear myself think.  I can have a nice chat with myself over a cup of tea.  I don’t know if I’m peculiar in this way, as it seems many people cannot exist without a layer of background noise in their lives, be it the radio or the television.

The only flaw in my plan?  Getting that quiet time at home only happens when the children are asleep and Mr Oh Waily is out.  Right.  I see some thought on this is required.

How do you get uninterrupted stillness and silence in you life?

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